Following the success of the first edition, the second Finance for a Sustainable Future Conference took place on 16 and 17 January 2020 in London. It brought together an enthusiastic and driven group of leading finance talents working or studying in Europe, and offered them an opportunity to develop their knowledge and learn from several of today’s most prominent professionals in sustainable finance industry.

The speakers included Will Martindale (UN PRI), Josue Tanaka (EBRD), Richard Perkins (London School of Economics), Neil McIndoe (Trucost), Rob Lake (Authentic Investor), Lydia Hascott (Finance Innovation Lab), Adrian Rimmer (London Stock Exchange Group), Eoin Murray (Hermes Investment Management), Andrea Carzana (Columbia Threadneedle), Christina Rehnberg (KKS Advisors), Jim Totty (Earth Capital), Tom Whitehouse (Leif Capital), Patrick Seifert (LBBW) and others.

For full overview of the sessions, speakers and participants, take a look at the report from the 2020 conference.



1. Sustainability is a topic of strong interest among finance students and young professionals. Over 150 students and young professionals applied to take part in the conference.

2. Financial institutions and policy makers are putting greater emphasis on sustainability. A common theme among our speakers was the added impetus financial institutions are putting on developing internal expertise to understand ESG and to keep up to date with the introduction of new policy and regulation.

3. Finance students and young professionals currently receive little training in terms of finance-related sustainability issues. 77% of the participants did not cover the topics discussed at the conference during university learning and 70% had not been exposed to any of the topics covered during work or internship programs. 



The 2020 Finance for a Sustainable Future Conference would not be possible without the generous support of our partners.